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Many of the processes used to create these pieces have been invented in my studio, and are unique to my work. Colored and translucent polymer clays are blended and layered together to construct the intricate patterning in each piece. Patterns often contain gold or silver leaf and other inclusions embedded in translucent clay. Patterned clay pieces are combined, creating a rich polymer collage. The collage is then sculpted into shape, using an internal wire armature for support when needed, and cured with heat.

The spiraling design seen in many of my pieces is created by twisting the polymer collage between two glass sheets prior to shaping and curing. A detailed, illustrated description of my process can be viewed
HERE. A printed version of the illustrated process will be included with your order for use as a sales tool in your store.

My work is influenced by a past career as a research scientist, from which I bring a unique discipline, attention to detail and a passion for investigating how things work. Other influences are my interest in natural growing forms, patterns, and structures and the interrelationship between them. Mathematical descriptions of the natural world also fascinate me.

My studio is located in the vibrant Atwood area of Madison, WI. Several times a year I have open studio events where I demonstrate my process and display my work. I welcome visitors at any time to the studio, but please contact me first to be sure I'm available.